9 Tips To Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

When the temperature starts to dip and snow begins to fall, it’s normal for your skin to feel dry. Even those people who don’t have a dry skin type can experience those telltale effects of irritation, flakes, and redness.

That’s because the winter weather brings with it a natural lack of moisture in the air due to humidity levels falling. Coupled with cold weather and the dehydrating effects of indoor heating, it can make anyone’s skin feel dried out and more susceptible to dryness and flakes. Which is why it’s important to know the best winter dry skin tips to help keep yourself looking and feeling moisturized.

One of the best ways to do that is by choosing products that help promote a strong skin barrier. As your skin’s natural defense system, the skin barrier is what keeps moisture in and things like free radicals and pollution out. When the barrier is weakened from the dryness in the air, it becomes harder for you to maintain that natural hydration.

Which is why winter is the perfect time to enhance your skincare routine with moisturizing products that are formulated with hydrating ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter. Known for their hydrating and antioxidant properties, our products formulated with these ingredients work to nourish and soften the appearance of skin.

To help you achieve a strong skin barrier and long-lasting hydration, here are our best tips and products to moisturize dry skin by offering continuous moisture throughout the day.


Tip #1


Moisturizing your face is essential for keeping it smooth and soft, especially when the weather is cold. One of the best ways to avoid dry skin and replenish your skin’s hydration is to use a moisturizer that offers hydration throughout the day. Try a 24-hour daily facial cream that nourishes skin and leaves it feeling comfortable. Our iconic Ultra Facial Cream is formulated with Squalane, Glacial Glycoprotein Extract, and Imperata Cylindrica to provide lasting hydration. This nourishing moisturizer for dry skin leaves skin softer, smoother, and visibly healthier even in extreme weather conditions.

Use A Daily Facial Moisturizer

Tip #2


Since you tend to wash your hands multiple times throughout the day, they can be more susceptible to becoming dried out, leading to roughness, redness, and even painful cracked skin. Make sure to use a moisturizing hand salve in the morning, evening, and (if possible) every time after washing your hands. The Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve is a heavy-duty hand cream that offers all-day care and protection with a formula is made up of a blend of Botanical Oils such as Avocado Oil. Used daily, this hand cream will leave hands feeling soft, conditioned, and cared for.

Nourish Dry Hands

Tip #3


Your lips are another area susceptible to extreme dryness. One of the best ways to avoid chapped, flaky lips this winter is to keep them properly moisturized. The cold weather can dry out your lips and if your first inclination for hydration is to lick them–don’t! Licking your lips makes them even drier than they were before. The soothing solution is to layer on a nourishing and hydrating lip care product, like the Buttermask For Lips . It provides a soothing, creamy texture and is loaded with intensely hydrating Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter. Applied nightly before bedtime, it helps deliver moisture to lips while you sleep, so you wake up to soft, smooth lips in the morning.

Nourish Dry Hands

Tip #4


The change in weather during the winter months can cause your body to appear dry and dull. Moisturizing dry skin with products formulated with an ingredient like Cocoa Butter could help improve skin’s texture leaving it soft, and smooth. Cocoa Butter has historically been known to hydrate, restore softness, and improve the appearance of dry skin. Our most famous body moisturizer, Creme de Corps, features Cocoa Butter along with Squalane and Beta-Carotene in a rich, non-greasy texture that moisturizes dry skin for intense hydration and a soft, smooth feel.

Nourish Dry Hands

Tip #5


To help keep dry skin hydrated and healthy-looking this winter, reach for a glass of water. In fact, when it comes to hydrating dry skin, it’s just as important to drink water in the wintertime as it is in the summertime. You may even need to drink a little extra water on cold days to combat the moisture lost from the dry air. Despite the temperature outside, your body loses anywhere from 8-12 cups of water a day, so we recommend replenishing throughout the day!

Tip #6


The skin around your eye area typically has fewer oil glands, meaning it doesn’t naturally produce as much oil as the rest of your face. This can lead to excessive dryness which in turn can cause things like fine lines and crepiness look more pronounced. Treat your eyelids and the thin, delicate undereye area with a product that offers creamy, hydration. Try our extremely moisturizing Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, which is infused with moisturizing and nourishing Avocado Oil.

Nourish Dry Hands

Tip #7


Cold weather means less humidity in the air and low humidity can cause skin to appear dry. We recommend incorporating a humidifier into your day to help replenish the moisture lost in the air. Invest in a desk humidifier for the office or try using a warm or cool mist humidifier in your room at night to help combat dry skin problems so you can wake up refreshed.

Tip #8


It can be tempting to take a long hot shower or bath, especially when the weather is cold but the hot water you are using is doing more damage to your skin than good. Hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils — leaving your skin dry and itchy. Keep your showers short, (10-15 minutes is best) and use a gentle, detergent-free body wash like the Made For All" Gentle Body Cleanser. It’s safe for all skin types — including dry and sensitive types — and will leave you feeling fresh and clean without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

Nourish Dry Hands
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