Our Best SPF Moisturizers For Men

While it might not come as a surprise to you that men biologically have thicker skin than women, did you also know that thicker doesn’t necessarily mean tougher? In fact, research has shown that men’s skin is actually more susceptible to environmental damage — especially UV radiation.

This predisposition to sun damage can not only cause premature aging and pigmentation issues, it also raises men’s incidents of skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Which is why an SPF moisturizer for men is so important — the combo of hydration and protection can help skin not only look healthy, but help defend skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, free radicals, and environmental aggressors.

That said, not every SPF formulation works well with all skin types. Some men might need extra hydration, while others need to control excess oil., and still others want to address visible wrinkles and fine lines. Fortunately, Kiehl’s has an expansive array of men’s SPF moisturizers that can help to address those skincare concerns and help protectyour complexion from the sun.

Keep reading to discover the best one for you.

Oily Skin

In addition to thicker skin, men also tend to produce more oil than women. This can make wearing sunscreen a less than enjoyable experience, as some can make skin feel greasy. A lightweight, quick-absorbing SPF moisturizer will help avoid this problem as it’s less likely to sit on top of the skin and give your complexion that slick feel.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 19 takes our daily moisturizing and energizing moisturizer and adds SPF 20 protection. The water-gel texture instantly refreshes and revives tired skin while simultaneously guarding against UV rays and pollution. Skin is left feeling re-fueled and renergized with, lightweight hydration that will last all day.

Dry Skin

Even though men have oilier skin, they also surprisingly are more prone to dryness. Which is what makes SPF moisturizers a great option for those who have dry skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF has the same signature ingredient — Squalane — as the original Ultra Facial Cream. It helps in Helps hydrate and protect your complexion as it softens and moisturizes.

Sensitive Skin

There are two main types of SPF formulas: Chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens use ingredients like Avobensone and Oxybensone to absorb UV rays, then convert them into heat and release them from the body. Physical sunscreens create an actual barrier on the skin using ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide that reflect UV rays so they won’t be absorbed and damage skin cells.

Which one you use comes down to your preferences for texture and feel, however it’s worth noting that many people with sensitive skin can have problems with chemical sunscreens — they might be allergic to the ingredients or just find them irritating to the skin. Those people should stick to a mineral sunscreen like Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+. It’s got that UV-reflecting Titanium Dioxide, which is easier for sensitive skin types to tolerate, plus the added benefit of moisturizing Vitamin E for a burst of soothing hydration.

Aging Skin

The number one cause of premature skin aging is sun damage. Dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging — they can all be attributed to how UV radiation negatively impacts skin cells.

Since protection is the best form of prevention, SPF should be the number one anti-aging treatment on your list. That said, opting for one that also boasts hydrating benefits is a great way to keep your skin looking youthful. Our Super Multi-Corrective Cream SPF is formulated with Beech Tree Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate. The 5-in-1 formula helps lift, firm, re-texturize, and moisturize to help keep skin soft, supple and healthy-looking.

Do your skin — and your health — a favor and incorporate one of these protective SPF moisturizers into your daily skincare routine.

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