Lavender Essential Oil

Since our apothecary days, Kiehl’s has infused Lavender Essential Oil in many of our unique formulas. Known to calm and soothe, Lavender Essential Oil is a versatile and beloved aromatic oil. Learn more about this signature ingredient found in some of Kiehl’s most iconic formulations.

What is Lavender Essential Oil?

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean region and Southern Europe as well as parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. A member of the mint family, Lavender has almost 40 different varieties. Our Lavender Essential Oil is steam distilled to form a concentrated liquid that contains the "essence" of the plant and its fragrance.

What are the traditional benefits
of Lavender Essential Oil?

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is considered to be an adaptogen – an herb or plant with the ability to resist stress. Extracted and distilled from the Lavender plant, Lavender Essential Oil is known for a variety of unique benefits. Known for its soothing properties, it has been used for centuries in a variety of ways to help calm and balance. With a luxurious, calmative aroma, Lavender Essential Oil is often used to help relax the senses in preparation for sleep.

What are the common uses of Lavender
and Lavender Essential Oil?

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Beloved for its soothing fragrance, Lavender is frequently used in baths, spas, salts and potpourris. Lavender can also be infused into cooking and baking and is commonly used in salad dressings, honeys, sauces, beverages, teas and as a spice. With its luxurious signature fragrance and soothing aroma, Lavender Essential Oil is widely used in aromatherapy to promote wellness and relaxation.

Midnight Recovery Collection

Powered by botanicals, our beloved Midnight Recovery Collection is infused with an aromatic blend of essential oils. Cleanse, replenish and restore with this indulgent nighttime ritual for more radiant skin by morning.

Kiehl’s Lavender Body Care Products

If you love the aroma of Lavender, indulge in this luxurious fragrance with our scented body care products. Cleanse, scrub and moisturize from head to toe with formulas scented with the calming and soothing aroma of Lavender Essential Oil.

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