How to Prevent and Reduce Puffy Eyes

Whether you occasionally wake up to tired-looking eyes or have persistent puffiness, learn how to care for puffy eyes and help reveal a smoother eye area. This common skin condition is caused by a range of factors but there are techniques and treatments that can help visibly reduce eye puffiness for a well-rested, refreshed appearance.

What are puffy eyes?

Eyelids are the thinnest skin in your body which makes them especially susceptible to puffiness and dark circles. Because the eye area is so delicate, excess fluid retention and other factors can cause eyes to look puffy.

What causes temporarily puffy eyes?

There are a few main reasons that can cause temporary eye puffiness including:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Excessive Crying
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • High Alcohol or Salt Intake

What causes persistently puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes can be hereditary or begin to develop with age. As you grow older, some of the muscles supporting the eyelid may weaken and the skin around your eyes gradually loses elasticity. The tissue around your eyes also diminishes with age and may even change in its distribution and positioning or move into the lower eyelid, causing puffiness, and even sagging or eye bags.

How can you help prevent puffy eyes?

For a well-rested appearance, it may seem obvious that a key factor is getting enough sleep. During the night, your skin works to repair and restore itself and getting the recommended amount of sleep will help improve all of your skin – including the area around your eyes. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated on thicker pillows can help visibly reduce the fluid buildup that sometimes occurs in the eye area overnight. Puffy eyes can also result from fluid retention which can occur when you consume too much salt or high quantities of alcohol. Maintain a healthy diet and watch your alcohol and salt consumption to help promote a healthy, refreshed appearance.

What causes puffy eyes in the morning?

If you wake up to eyes that look or feel swollen more than usual, there may be a key cause to your puffiness. Excessive crying, especially at night, can cause the delicate eye area to retain water and puff up. If you consumed excess alcohol, salt or other unhealthy foods, your body may also retain more fluid which can show up in your eye area. Allergies are another factor that may cause puffiness to occur unexpectedly.

How can you visibly reduce puffy eyes?

While puffy eyes are typically not a sign of a serious condition, they can affect how you feel about your appearance. While using a cold compress can provide a feeling of quick relief, a targeted eye cream or serum is the best way to de-puff eyes over time.

How long do puffy eyes last?

If your eyes are swollen from fatigue, diet or allergies they will likely go away on their own in time, often in 24-48 hours. If your puffiness is persistent or caused by aging, use a targeted anti-aging eye cream to help de-puff your eyes.

Are dark circles and puffy eyes related?

Since the skin around the eyes is exceptionally delicate, it is common to see puffy eyes and dark circles together. When these two occur together, they also seem to make the other more prominent.

Does Caffeine help puffy eyes?

caffeine has long been believed to be a traditional remedy for puffy eyes. Within skincare formulas, Caffeine is known to help reduce puffiness in the eye area, which can help visibly minimize puffiness. Try an eye cream with Caffeine to help visibly diminish eye puffiness.

What other skincare ingredients help puffy eyes?

Pro-Retinol is a derivative of Retinol, a trusted skincare ingredient derived from Vitamin A. Within Kiehl’s formulas, Pro-Retinol is known to help smooth the eye area and visibly diminish puffiness over time.

What are the best treatments and creams for puffy eyes?

To visibly reduce puffy eyes, use an eye serum or cream morning and night to help smooth and de-puff the eye area. Since the eyelids are especially delicate, it is important to use treatments specifically formulated for the eyes.

Replenish Eyes with a Nighttime Eye Cream

Midnight Recovery Eye

Smooth on an overnight eye cream and wake up to younger-looking eyes by morning. Infused with Lavender Essential Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Butcher’s Broom Extract, this replenishing formula helps restore the eye area for a smoother, fresher appearance.

Revive Tired-Looking Eyes with a Men’s Eye Cream

Eye Fuel

Whether you have been up all night or have persistent puffiness, this lightweight eye cream is uniquely formulated for men’s skin. Infused with caffeine and Vitamin B3, this treatment feels instantly cooling and refreshing and helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes over time.

Refresh Eyes on the Go with an Eye De-Puffer

Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

Instantly refresh tired-looking eyes with a cooling eye stick. Formulated with Hibiscus Extract and Caffeine, this formula glides on with an instant cooling effect. Uniquely formulated for men, this formula helps revive skin around the eyes and visibly reduce eye puffiness for a recharged appearance.

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