Discover our Best Facial Oil for Your skin type

The current dialogue on skincare has been touting face oil as a top essential oil with many benefits. Facial Oils are the best addition to the skincare regimen as they replenish skin day and night both.

What does facial oil do for your skin?

Facial oil has been a staple in any beauty regimen whether of a woman or man for centuries now. This nourishing oil looks luxurious in vanity but is a very common ingredient in all elixirs and serums. One must include facial oil in their skincare routine as it helps in strengthening your skin barrier and create a defense mechanism against daily aggressors. Facial oils are naturally extracted and sourced sustainably, also is the most natural form of beauty essential oil. Having antioxidant properties, its effect on skin is simply gorgeous. Apart from having excellent effects on the skin (using the right quantity), facial oil is also an aphrodisiac, and helps in uplifting the mood. Facial oil when used in the morning provides a more radiant appearance and for night-time solution it helps to replenish and restore the skin.

Face oils aid in boosting collagen which is the primary composition of the blood vessels of the skin surface and skin's health is only determined if the collagen production is healthy. Collagen depletes with age, thus in order to maintain the eternal youthfulness one must include face oil for anti-ageing in their regime to be applied at night time only. They majorly help in reducing wrinkles and shrink enlarged pores if applied regularly all over the face and neck. The beauty of face oils is that they are for all skin types and have minimal side effects making a perfect blend to simply merge well into any skin regime. Face oil for dull skin is something everyone looks for be it of any age group as face oil is multipurpose and its nourishing properties makes it totally a good investment.

Another very interesting property of facial oils is that they add luminosity to the skin and skin feels instantly brighter and radiant as ever with just a few drops. Its botanical concoction makes it an ideal go to for that glowy effect even making it a perfect base of dewy effect makeup look while keeping the skin underneath moisturised and nourished, totally a saviour beauty potion in a small bottle.

Do you put face oil on before or after moisturizer?

Facial Oils are anti-inflammatory in nature and also works to fade discolouration of the skin and protects against the effects of ageing. We recommend Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate which is an elixir of pure essentials sunflower oils and distilled botanicals to visibly restore the appearance of skin by morning. It can also be used as a perfect highlighter to get that dewy effect under the makeup. And suggest to use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate by the night is formulated with botanicals including Lavender Essential Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Squalane. On its single application, this facial oil helps replenish skin for visibly smoother, more radiant skin by morning. It works overnight to replenish and repair the skin making it smoother and radiant in texture a day later. Both the elixirs should be applied before the moisturiser at day or night.

The light floral scent reminds the skin it’s time to relax and calms all the senses and helps unwind for the night. Skin repairs itself nightly from the daily aggressors that can cause premature ageing. At night, when skin is most receptive to repair the aromatic rose oil works on skin’s nocturnal functions to help restore and replenish skin. Making it a highly effective ingredient in any self-care ritual.

Some of the advantages of facial oil are it visibly reduces fine lines, refined skins texture and boosts radiance in just one night. Helps smooth and firm skin appearance. The best face oils help in boosting and retaining essential moisture of the skin and that in turn helps restore the tired looking skin. Absorbs easily with a lightweight texture leaving skin soft, supple and hydrated.

When should I apply facial oil?

Facial oil can be applied before any moisturiser to give that glowy sun kissed effect in the day and relaxed calm effect at night. Another great way to make facial oil part of your skin care regimen is to look for facial oils and serums which combines with AHA’s and BHA’s making a cold compressed version of facial treatment. Facial Oils can be used on the skin all the year round and is recommended for all skin types. The ideal way to apply is after cleansing the skin, take 2-3 drops of night facial oil into hands and gently press fingertips into cheeks, forehead and chin by evenly distributing on the facial surface accompanied by the neck before massaging into skin. Complete your night-time skincare routine with our midnight recovery range, including our makeup-removing cleansing oil and hydrating creams for eyes.

Therefore, irrespective of age and concern Kiehl’s has got you covered for best face oils for every skin type. Choose from our exquisite formulas meaning there’s something for everyone and each unique skin texture be it acne prone, combination to oily or dry. One must include this magic potion to keep stress at bay while beaming away with radiant skin at all times and not to miss its multi functionality structure that surely makes it a winner and a keeper in the vanity kit for longer haul. Few drops of youthful life never hurts the heart and pocket.

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