Tired Looking Eyes? Try Caffeine

When you just can’t seem to get going in the morning, there’s nothing like a steaming mug of coffee to perk you up and jump start your day. Turns out that caffeine isn’t just a gift to those in need of a boost of energy — it’s also a notable ingredient in formulations that help to minimize the appearance of dark undereye circles and puffiness.

Yes, everyone’s favorite morning (and, occasionally, afternoon) ingredient has some serious energizing benefits for your skin, especially when it comes to your eyes. While genetics and age usually determine just how noticeable your shadows and swelling under the eye will be, even those with minimal problems can still see these two issues become more pronounced after a bad night’s sleep.

But while dark circles aren’t technically caused by not getting enough sleep, they are exacerbated by some of the side effects of sleep deprivation. For instance, when you don’t get the necessary shut-eye, your skin tends to look paler in the a.m., making the blood vessels beneath appear more prominent. Repeatedly rubbing your eyes, something many of us do when we are sleepy, also makes undereye circles more pronounced.

Puffiness, however is a direct result of too little sleep. The underlying cause of those bags under your eyes is fluid retention. When your body is tired, it might cause a slowdown in your circulatory system that prevents it from flushing out that excess fluid.

It’s for those reasons that Kiehl’s incorporates ingredients known to be energizing into many of our most popular eye products. Our formulas are fast-acting, so you’ll see immediate benefits and they will provide lasting benefits, including reducing the appearance of fine lines and smoothing and illuminating the undereye area.

Ready to say goodbye to sleepy eyes? Here are our three favorite eye creams with caffeine.


Part of our Men’s collection , this eye cream diminishes puffiness and dark circles with continued use. Formulated with Vitamin B3 (also called Niacinamide) this eye cream instantly cools the undereye area and weightlessly hydrates. Additionally, it provides refreshing relief for tired-looking eyes. It’s a great way to fuel up after a long flight or a long night!


Formulated with Caffeine, Copper PCA and Calcium PCA, this eye cream visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and refines texture.


This innovative stick is an undereye rejuvenator with continued use the lightweight formula with caffeine can help renew the skin around the eye. This formula provides an instant cooling sensation and helps to visibly minimize puffiness, while improving the appearance of the skin in the eye area. The stick applicator makes it a quick and easy addition to any skincare routine.

Incorporating eye creams with ingredients such as caffeine and that provide a cooling sensation can perk up even the most tired looking gaze for a look that’s smooth, renewed, and bright-eyed.

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