Discover the Detoxifying Skin Benefits
of Amazonian White Clay

Known as "Magic Earth," Amazonian White Clay has been used for centuries in communities in the Amazon. A key Kiehl’s ingredient, this detoxifying and purifying clay is used in our pore-minimizing Rare Earth Collection.

What is Amazonian White Clay?

Amazonian White Clay is a detoxifying clay sourced near the mouth of the Amazon River that is rich in minerals and extremely porous.

Is Amazonian White Clay good for your skin?

Amazonian White Clay is known to absorb excess oil and help eliminate toxins and debris from the skin’s surface. Within skincare formulas, Amazonian White Clay also helps visibly minimize enlarged pores for smoother-looking skin.

What are the benefits of Amazonian White Clay?

For centuries, native Brazilians have used Amazonian White Clay as a stress-relieving and detoxifying therapy. Its therapeutic and cleansing properties have made it a beloved skincare ingredient. Within skincare formulas, clay is known to help visibly improve pores while helping to purify and mattify skin.

Kiehl’s & Amazonian White Clay

Sourced near the mouth of the Amazon River in Northern Brazil, our Amazonian White Clay is fairly traded and collected by local communities. Along its 4,000-mile course, the Amazon River carries large amounts of sediment and deposits these at the mouth of the river making the clay in this region especially rich in minerals. Through a long-term partnership with the local community in Brazil, Kiehl’s has provided economic support for the communities who gather our clay.

Our Skincare Products with Amazonian White Clay

Amazonian White Clay is a key ingredient in our best-selling Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. This beloved formula has inspired an entire Rare Earth Collection of detoxifying and pore-minimizing skincare products.

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